Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) Campaigns and Why We Use Them

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At RIVE, efficiency is essential. All of our campaigns must be efficient but you can imagine how crucial it is for a company running a $100,000 Adwords campaign to be precise.

This is why we make Single Keyword Ad Group or SKAG campaigns the foundation, the starting point for our Adwords services.

With a SKAG campaign every single keyword has its own ad group divided into broad modified, exact, and phrase matches. And that is the entire ad group.

Why are SKAGs so beneficial?

» You can’t distill your PPC (pay per click) campaign any further which means you gather intimate knowledge (including accurate search volume) on exactly how your campaign is performing for each keyword and each match of that keyword.

» Super targeted which means you can align your landing page(s) and this -> higher Quality Score, more traffic, lower CPC (cost per click), better conversions (you will need an amazing landing page that converts which, btw, we make and split test for our clients).

» You avoid unoptimized keywords for the most part and you can prune searches that don’t aren’t converting as the campaign continues with negative keywords (where you don’t bid any time your targeted keyword is paired with one you don’t want – e.g. free)

» Ultra fast launch: Start showing up in Google and receiving traffic (and leads) the same day the campaign begins.

What You’re Doing Wrong

Take a look at this screenshot for a “DFW commercial real estate” search:

dfw real estate search results showing paid ads at the top with one ad for open door outlined in red its headline reads sell your home to opendoor | hassle free sale in dallas

As you can see, wants to advertise to people selling their home in Dallas. While they’ve properly geo targeted my search, they’re losing money and embracing a low Quality Score with a swing and a miss ad.

This ad is untargeted which means their campaign is too broad and needs to be optimized.

With proper consulting and implementation or just outsourcing to an intelligent marketing agency like RIVE, Open Door’s advertising will be in much better shape.

Think about this too: This is just their Dallas ad. They’re likely making this mistake across the United States, costing them thousands on autopilot every month!

Need help with your company’s PPC bidding?

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