An SEO Agency You Can Trust…For Real

kris rivenburgh sitting at end of conference room table in white shirt

There is a lot of lying in marketing and SEO – marketers, they can’t help themselves.

A lot of the biggest names that we all know and don’t love are flat out con artists.

It doesn’t have to be this way and with me it never will be.

I believe in delivering value. I believe in the Sears Craftsman guarantee. I believe that you do everything possible to fulfill your end of the bargain to a client. I am a consumer advocate.

When it comes to anything in life, I don’t want money unless it’s earned money.

To me, it doesn’t count if I ripoff someone; how could I ever want ill-begotten money?

For example, Jerry Jones (owner of the Dallas Cowboys) takes free money from the city of Arlington, the people of Arlington so that he can make money off Jerry World (ATT Stadium).

In the process, the city is depleted and the citizenry loses. Millions of dollars that could have gone to beautification, education, civic jobs, roads, parks, etc. instead get rerouted to Jerry’s piggy bank.

How can he live like that? How can he count his income as money earned?

I couldn’t.

All this is to say ethical threads run through every fiber of RIVE Marketing.

Trustworthy SEO

For example, when it comes to SEO, I alert every client beforehand that I can’t control Google but we do have processes in place to give us the best chance possible to rank your site.

There are no long term contracts and everything works month-to-month so you can always get a refund on your previous payment if you decide you no longer want to go forward with search engine optimization.

Ethical Web Design

Our web design is also 100% satisfaction guaranteed and the guarantee is inherent in the process.

We’ll take down your input, ideas, and websites you like and then create a first draft to present.

After you review the draft, you’ll let us know what edits you’d like to make and we’ll continue until you’re completely satisfied with your new website.

It’s Different Here

When you hire a marketing agency, your guard is way up and understandably so. The good news is with RIVE you will be taken care of and you can rest easy knowing we work hard to make sure you receive a great value.