Be Not Perfect, Get Amazing Results

kris rivenburgh in conference room leaning against chair

Never try to be perfect.

It’s one of the top 3 lessons I’ve ever learned in my life.

But why?

Because perfection absolutely decimates results.

For example, two days ago, I was researching the best noise cancelling headphones. The best two options on the market were Bose and Sony but both had their pros and cons.

black bose headphones

Neither manufacturer had created the perfect headphones but both were great products, garnering hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

Now imagine if Sony or Bose had sat their trying to iron out every last wrinkle – they’d be getting crushed while their competitor was taking in 100% of the premium market sales.

Eventually would they come out with the best product?

Maybe, but by then they’d have lost out on everything and would be left to pick up the scraps. And even then, who’s to say their rival wouldn’t have come out with a new and improved version of their own.

When it comes to your marketing campaign, this illustration should ring like a church bell on Sunday: Don’t try to be perfect!

Instead, do the best you can as fast as you can; be great but don’t worry about being perfect.

When you’ve built up a nice infrastructure and revenue base, then it’s time to start scrutinizing the finer details.

Until then, just get started with a strong effort.

The only time to deviate from this plan is on things that are really hard to change later on: company name, domain name, site structure (editing URL categories is a massive undertaking), etc.

But otherwise, just go for it.

How many times have we seen the biggest of companies evolve as they grew?

Seemingly every time.

Look at Google: Their logo has morphed, their algorithm is much improved, they’ve tried and failed with Google+, they’ve shut down Google RSS reader – and still they’ve succeeded because their core business process has remained great.

You can always change later. For now, put as many points on the board as you can and you’ll be ahead of the pack.