2019 Reputation Management SEO vs. Consumer Affairs Bad Reviews Ranking on 1st Page

I work with a corporate client who had us solely focus on brand management SEO because Consumer Affairs was sitting on the first page of Google with a 1.something star rating that stood out like a sore thumb. Something like this: Keep in mind, this wasn’t for just their company name + reviews but it…Read Full Post

We’re an Extremely Aggressive Agency, Here’s Why

Today I was on the phone with a client talking about his company’s new web design.  It had been over a week since I had submitted the latest draft over for his approval and he asked me if his slow replies were a problem. I have a customer-centric mentality and I understand that everyone is…Read Full Post

Investing in Web Properties: The Service That Buys Into Digital Real Estate

The companies I provide marketing advice to are focused on their website – and for good reason – but as they advance, I inevitably recommend they build multiple web properties to strengthen their digital castle. I usually get a “yeah, but…” reaction and their attention diverts to something else. Instead of switching topics, let’s talk…Read Full Post

Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) Campaigns and Why We Use Them

At RIVE, efficiency is essential. All of our campaigns must be efficient but you can imagine how crucial it is for a company running a $100,000 Adwords campaign to be precise. This is why we make Single Keyword Ad Group or SKAG campaigns the foundation, the starting point for our Adwords services. With a SKAG…Read Full Post