We’re an Extremely Aggressive Agency, Here’s Why

Digital marketer focused and working hard on office desk in front of large mac computer

Today I was on the phone with a client talking about his company’s new web design.  It had been over a week since I had submitted the latest draft over for his approval and he asked me if his slow replies were a problem.

I have a customer-centric mentality and I understand that everyone is on different timelines so I told him it wasn’t a problem – and it’s not.

But left on my own, I will have this wrapped up in a week.


Because I want to get stuff done NOW.

There is no someday for me.

There is no shuffling papers and hoping stuff magically gets finished.

I am 100% motivated to make clients happy and timeliness and quick delivery goes hand-in-hand with project completion and results.

As the owner of RIVE, this is my mentality and it gets passed down to my contractors.  We want to get to work.  We want to provide solutions.  We want happy clients and great reviews.

Our greatness doesn’t come from wishing and hoping, it comes from doing.

Besides pushing the pace and getting projects and campaigns finished on time, why else are we so aggressive?

Because aggression wins out.

All things equal, the aggressive party wins – in the real world and the digital world.

For example, I could wait to publish this blog post until I outline the content, hire a copy editor, sort through more stock photos, have enough sleep, etc. but I don’t because it’s more important to publish and get it done and move on to the next blog post.

We’ve got social media channels that need content.

The site needs more for customers to look over before they hire us.

Every day I wait to publish is a day of content age I lose with Google – and an opportunity to grow the number of pages on the site.

The same relentlessness has been in place with the creation of the entire RIVE digital empire.

  • The website has undergone 4 redesigns.
  • The social media channels didn’t have content for a month.
  • We didn’t even have Pinterest until yesterday.
  • I just added four services to the service section last week.
  • We haven’t started our ad campaigns as of the morning I write this.

The list of incompletes goes on and yet we continued on and didn’t wait until everything was in place.

It’s way better to start somewhere and GO vs. not start anywhere and try to get every last detail perfect.

Time is money and there is tremendous opportunity cost in over-planning and overthinking.  And here’s the other part: There’s so much uncertainty that it’s really not worth being defensive and delaying a campaign for a month while trying to figure out a particular course of action.

None of this is to say I advocate recklessness or sloppiness.

We’re neither.

But we do do the best we can as fast as we can and it pays LARGE dividends in terms of production/yield and ultimately attracting clients who want to outsource their marketing to RIVE.

Show me two competitors in anything – business, athletics, crafting, whatever – and I’ll always put my money on the aggressor because they’re the one taking action while their opponent is trying to adjust.

And when you combine our aggression with the intelligence, knowledge, contacts, and skill level we work with… we prove ourselves dominant.